We provide a needed bridge between your case or care management teams and your plan-provided services.

We’ll enhance your members’ experience by helping them find the right hospital or Center of Excellence (COE) for a particular condition, providing emotional support for a tough health challenge—and nearly anything in between.

We’ll help your members feel more empowered.

We’ll help your members with certain diagnoses find top specialists for a second opinion, learn about the best treatment options, and feel more empowered and involved in their care. The results? Enhanced results of your Care Management programs, added value for your national accounts, saved healthcare dollars, and very satisfied members.

There’s no limit to our clinical reach.

We have access to 98% of all U.S. doctors. We use our own physician quality tool that uses billions of rows of data and proprietary algorithms to continuously score and rank over 2 million providers. Our primary focus is quality. So we match people with the very best in-network doctors and institutions based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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Christine White • Clinical CareTeam Nurse Ally, RN, BSN

Kim Brady • MPH, MS, BA, Research Content Manager

Terri Walsh • MSN, RN, CNE, Clinical Nurse Educator

We have tons of experience partnering with health plans.

We’ll round out your existing solutions, while serving all segments of your membership.

  • Ease of collaboration

    We have established workflows that facilitate the review of expert opinions, receive triggers for cross-referrals, do warm transfers, and coordinate clinical grand rounds. Plus, your Clinical Case Managers get access to our extensive resource library including Harvard Health materials.

  • Reporting

    We provide monthly reports of how many members are using our services, number of referrals, and participants’ engagement and satisfaction levels. And, when desired, we have the capability to do predictive outreach and identify members who are likely to benefit most from our services.

  • Easy onboarding & enrollment

    We only need an eligibility file, a claim file, and a few scheduled training sessions to get started. Then, we provide you with scripts to introduce our services to your members and allow them to auto enroll and make use of our streamlined Single sign-on (SSO) experience.

We’ve had a long-standing focus on quality care.


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