It’s not unusual for employers to get a steady stream of love letters from their employees about our services.

It’s rewarding to know you’re providing an invaluable service while saving healthcare dollars.

There’s payoff in providing a high-touch, high-tech, comprehensive, coordinated set of services.

Your employees feel that you care deeply about their health and well-being. And they show up feeling their best. When your employees are facing a serious health issue or diagnosis, they may not know where to turn. They need a team of medical allies. And so do you. Because, as an employer looking to manage healthcare costs, you know misdiagnosed conditions, inappropriate treatments, and unnecessary surgeries are costly. And you know that happy, healthy employees are more productive and satisfied ones.

  • Trusted tenure

    For over 25 years, we’ve helped the nation’s leading employers lower costs, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Employers trust us. And employees love us.

  • We understand engagement

    We want our services to be top of mind at the precise moment people need them. We have a participant portal and app. We have a custom marketing automation platform with integrated journeys. We help you design and implement incentives and requirement programs. We even host webinars and onsite presentations and provide digital toolkits.

  • Serious cost savings

    Most of our partners exceed a 4:1 ROI, a number we’ve had validated by a third party. If a participant gets an expert surgical opinion and participates in surgical decision support (SDS), you’ll save an average of $16,200. If a participant avoids a costly surgery altogether after using SDS, we’ll save you an average of $26,125.

  • Low-lift integration

    HITRUST CSF certification means we can help control your risk and streamline your approach to compliance. We also break down the entire implementation process into clear steps and milestones to make the tech “lift” as quick and easy as possible.

We put your employees at the center.

We provide a one-stop shop for all their health questions and concerns.

There’s no limit to our clinical reach.

We have access to quality data on 98% of all U.S doctors. We use our own physician quality tool that uses billions of rows of data and proprietary algorithms to continuously score and rank over 2 million providers. Our primary focus is quality. So we match people with the very best in-network doctors and institutions based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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Christine White • Clinical CareTeam Nurse Ally, RN, BSN

Gabrielle Holmes • RN, BSN, PhD, Quality Assurance Manager at ConsumerMedical

Gerard Blobe • M.D., PhD, Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University

Kim Brady • MPH, MS, BA, Research Content Manager

Kimberly Williams • MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC, Clinical Resource Nurse Practitioner

Terri Walsh • MSN, RN, CNE, Clinical Nurse Educator

Couple sitting at home, talking to a ConsumerMedical clinical support person on a tablet computer

We want everything we do to be “low friction.”

And that’s why we have our own proven, secure case management system, a track record of easy, timely integration and our own portal and app for participants.

We have a long, successful track record of delivering effective programs that demonstrate real impact.


per-case savings

That’s a lot of savings by using our decision support services to help avoid unnecessary, costly, elective surgeries: knee or hip replacement, lower back, weight loss surgery, and hysterectomy.


savings with a SDS requirement

Businesses with over 10K employees save millions by requiring employees to do what’s actually in their best interest—participate in shared decision support (SDS).


savings with a SDS incentive

Requirements save money. But so do incentives. Businesses with over 10K employees save hundreds of thousands of dollars with incentives to participate in shared decision support (SDS).



Any reluctance people have to use our services goes away the moment people connect with us. Our high-tech, high-touch approach is often just what people need, even if they didn’t realize it.

We rely on credibility to grow our business. And it works.

Our partners and clients trust our tenure and our reputation.

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Our Awards & Certifications

We can help you make the case for quality care.


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Journal article

Comparing Precision Machine Learning With Consumer, Quality, and Volume Metrics for Ranking Orthopedic Surgery Hospitals: Retrospective Study

This JMIR study concludes that elective hip replacement surgeries performed at hospitals where patients were matched based on patient-specific machine learning were associated with better outcomes and lower total costs of care.