One compassionate, dedicated care coordinator. Many levels of support and expertise.
Zero limits.

We walk beside people over the course of their entire healthcare journey, filling in the gaps and connecting the dots. We provide second opinions, identify top providers, practice shared decision making, and assist with the logistics of appointments, admissions, insurance, and finances. We answer any and all questions—and we listen. Because sometimes that’s what helps most.

We aim to be comprehensive and coordinated.

We’ve been in business for decades, meeting the needs of participants, partners, and clients. We’re holistic. But we also complement programs already in place, including those offered by health plans, wellness vendors, condition management providers, and many others.

Since working with ConsumerMedical, I have lost 57 pounds, gone from 5 diabetes medications to 1, and I now exercise every day. This one program has changed my life.

Medicine is not always black and white.

Not all doctors have the same levels of expertise and experience or make use of the latest research. And not all patients have the same access to the best care. But one thing is clear: Better care by better doctors leads to better outcomes.

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  • Not all providers are the same

    We have access to quality data on 98% of all U.S doctors. We connect people to clinical experts in a particular field based on experience, quality, and outcomes.

  • Evidence-based research matters

    Some doctors are up to 15 years behind the research. Our expert opinions come from doctors who are abreast of the latest studies and guidelines. We make sure participants understand the most current research and treatment protocols

  • Second opinions are invaluable

    After getting a second opinion, about 70% of people make a change to their care plan. Second opinions are proof that medicine is not black and white.

  • We meet participants’ needs

    We provide expert opinions in the way that works best for people— virtually, in-person, or through doctor-recorded videos or written reports. We also provide language or translation support.

People feel better and have better outcomes when they’re in expert hands.

We take quality, expert care seriously. Our research team provides specific, tailored research. And when participants reach out, they’re talking to people who are clinically trained.

Medical Decision Support

We help people through any health decision. We provide education, tailored research, and expert referrals. We separate facts from feelings and get to know people’s preferences, barriers, risk factors, and support systems.

Surgery Decision Support

All surgeries carry risks. The decision to have a major elective surgery (hip or knee replacement, weight loss, hysterectomy, back surgery) can be especially challenging because the possible rewards don’t always outweigh the possible risks.

Behavioral Health Support

Behavioral health is as important as physical health. Our clinical team knows how to destigmatize and support everything from ADHD to depression to substance misuse.

Predictive Outreach

We’ve built algorithms to identify people who are at higher risk for high-cost conditions or surgeries so we can start educating and supporting them when it matters most—early.

Cancer Quality Program

Cancer care is complex. We take the stress off of participants and their families by helping to build a collaborative, multidisciplinary care team, providing decision and coping support, and conducting customized research.

Our average number of interactions is not 1 or 2. It’s a whopping 12.

We know that the dots of a fragmented system can’t be connected in a single interaction. Participants can reach out to their dedicated “nurse ally” for just about anything, including claims advocacy, social and emotional support, or help with transitions between sites or types of care.

Advocacy & Ongoing Support
  • Unlimited Support

    The average time a patient spends with their doctor is less than 16 minutes. But we don’t have any constraints around time limits or visit limits. We give people the amount of support they need to feel better faster. And we give them the choice of how they do it: phone, web, app, or chat.

  • One point of contact

    We don’t want people to have to keep repeating their “health story” or chat with bots or staff who don’t have the expertise or answers they need. We pride ourselves on our high-touch team-based approach and assigning participants to a dedicated, fully-trained RN “nurse ally.”

  • Beyond the bounds

    If you’re unclear about an EOB, unable to find transportation to an appointment, confused about a diagnosis, or just overwhelmed, we can help. We know that a good healthcare experience has many different pieces.