You may not know who the best-in-class doctors are. But we do.

Most people don’t look at spending healthcare dollars the same way they look at other purchases. They don’t do the same research, price comparisons, and quality checks. We get that. It’s not easy research to do, and that’s why we do it for you.

An opinion is just an opinion. And that’s why it’s good to have more than one.

More information means more informed decisions. The research is clear—second opinions are well worth the time and money.

  • Second opinions for all

    We can provide anyone facing any condition or procedure with a second opinion from an elite doctor. And then, we can match them with the highest-quality, in-network specialists for treatment.

  • Comprehensive review, expert coordination

    We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to record collection, pathology review, and compiling case histories. We know that a reliable second opinion depends on having the most complete picture possible, pulled together by licensed clinicians.

  • Better, less costly care

    Research shows that patients of higher-performing doctors have shorter lengths of stay, lower total cost, and better health when they leave the hospital.

It feels great to know someone has done the homework — and you’re in the best hands possible.

Confidence is priceless

Even if our experts don’t change a plan of care, confirming your plan can increase your confidence. And that increased confidence can make every interaction with health care providers less daunting and more productive.

Everyone deserves good care

Research shows the quality of care you receive can vary widely depending on factors like where you live and how much money you make. We strive to help close those care gaps.

Health information is hard to understand

The U.S. Department of Education cites that 90% of people lack health literacy skills. Why? Because health challenges are complicated and stressful. And just about everyone, regardless of education level, can benefit from compassionate, objective, plain-language health education.


of people change doctors

We connect people to the best doctors based on licensure, certification, number of procedures performed, quality outcomes, and patient satisfaction scores.


OF diagnosES ARE corrected or changed

Our expert opinions help avoid misdiagnoses and improper care.


OF treatments are corrected or changed

Expert opinions usually change a plan of care—for the better.


of people improved Their clinical outcomes

Expert opinions plus clinical guidance and navigation almost always improve outcomes.

Meet a Few of Our Specialists


Dr. Brian Feeley • M.D., Chief, ​Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery, Professor in Residence, author of 120 peer-reviewed articles, review studies and book chapters, and a book on rotator cuff injuries.Leader in treatment for common knee and shoulder problems UCSF Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Brian Neri • M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital, Head Orthopedist of the NY Islanders. Leader in foot, ankle, knee, shoulder, and hip injuries Long Island Orthopedics.

Dr. Stuart Hershman • M.D., Director, Adult Spinal Deformity & Spinal Reconstruction, MGH Orthopedic Spine Surgery Fellowship Site Director, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School. Leader in disorders of the spine Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Jolan Walter • M.D., Allergist and Immunologist, Chief Division Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Programs at Johns Hopkins and University of Southern Florida. Leader in children’s allergies and immune disorders Johns Hopkins.