Healthcare is fragmented. We help make it whole.

Unbiased, expert, compassionate support for any health care challenge. We do the research and leg work to ensure the best care possible. And you can focus on what matters most—getting better.

Press Release

Clinical Guidance comes to Alight’s Health Cloud.

Alight’s enhanced healthcare navigation solution takes employee benefits experience to a new level.

Press Release

We’re becoming Alight.

Alight Solutions announces its acquisition of ConsumerMedical.


We’d like to meet you.

Register for our session or schedule time to meet with us at Conference Board East (New York, October 2021) and Conference Board West (San Diego, November 2021).


We value integrity.

Check out the Validation Institute’s analysis of our Surgical Decision Support program, including its Level 3 Validation: Contractual Integrity Guarantee.


Provider quality matters.

In this article from Care Analytics, Randy Hawkins, M.D. talks about the substantial disparities in health outcomes driven by high vs. low quality providers.


We’ve been recognized.

ConsumerMedical received the 2021 Telehealth Innovation Award from MedTech Breakthrough.


We’ve got the gold-standard in security and privacy.

Our case management platform once again achieved HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification.

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We’re future thinking.

Check out our Strategies to Help Manage the Impact of COVID-19 on Elective Surgeries.

Case Study

We’ve got proof of our value.

Cerner saved $9.4 million and had a 315% increase in engagement after implementing a shared-decision support requirement.

When it comes to our health, each of us could use a team of unbiased, expert allies.

Healthcare can be complicated. It’s not always easy to know where and how to get the best care.

  • Getting into Good Hands

    People don’t always realize the value of a second opinion or of finding doctors with superior outcomes.

  • Making the Best Choice

    There’s often too much or too little information. It can be challenging to understand all of the possible treatment options—or your next steps.

  • Overcoming Cracks in the Continuum

    A diagnosis, surgery, or care plan is only one part of a satisfying, holistic healthcare experience.

Compassion + Expertise

Expert medical opinions, evidence-based surgery and treatment decision support, and ongoing, unlimited advocacy from a multidisciplinary team of nurses and doctors focused exclusively on you. The result? The type of care people rave about.

I could not have done this without ConsumerMedical. I’m a bright person but have absolutely zero clue when it comes to melanoma. They’ve guided me every step of the way with surgeon selection—probably the most important choice to make.

Care Plans Built With Experts

More often than not, a second opinion alters a plan of care. It can also correct, or even change, the underlying diagnosis. Expert medical opinions from our extensive clinical network—based on the latest evidence-based guidelines—can lead to peace of mind and better care.

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Clinical Guidance & Navigation For All Conditions

Whether it’s a cancer diagnosis, an upcoming surgery, or a behavioral health challenge, we’ll connect you to superior care. We’ll also help you build confidence in your plan with education and shared decision-making.

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Advocacy & Ongoing Support For As Long As Necessary

We stitch all the pieces of a multifaceted healthcare experience together. We screen for social determinants of health and mental health challenges related to depression and anxiety. We provide ongoing emotional support and we assist with claims advocacy.

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There’s no limit to our clinical reach.

We have access to quality data on 98% of all U.S doctors. We use our own physician quality tool that uses billions of rows of data and proprietary algorithms to continuously score and rank over 2 million providers. Our primary focus is quality. So we match people with the very best in-network doctors and institutions based on their specific needs and circumstances.

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Gerard Blobe • M.D., PhD, Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University

Kim Brady • MPH, MS, BA, Research Content Manager

Gabrielle Holmes • RN, BSN, PhD, Quality Assurance Manager at ConsumerMedical

Terri Walsh • MSN, RN, CNE, Clinical Nurse Educator

Kimberly Williams • MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC, Clinical Resource Nurse Practitioner

We’re high-touch—and high-tech.

We use technology to amplify our impact. We have a proprietary, HITRUST CSF Certified case management system and a custom marketing automation platform with integrated journeys to support engagement. We also have a participant portal and app. And our well-tested implementation practices and data integration standards minimize the tech “lift” on your part.

We’re so confident about our impact and outcomes that we put 100% of our fees at risk.



Most of our partners exceed a 4:1 ROI, a number we’ve had validated by a third party actuary. And we guarantee a 1:1 return. Any way you look at it, our services pay for themselves.



And that impressive rate doesn’t go down when people are “required” to participate in shared-decision support programs.


Improved Outcomes

When people are more engaged in their care, outcomes dramatically improve. Our focus on cost, experience, and quality aligns perfectly with the systemic shift toward value.


Retention Rate

Our partners choose to work with us—and stay with us—because we save them money and help people get better care.

We work hard to earn your trust—and to build long-term relationships.

We’re known for our clinical depth and expertise, our integrity, and our ease of implementation. And we’re also known for our flexibility around tailoring programs for specific populations, piloting new programs, and developing creative marketing, education, and communications strategies.

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Awards & Certifications

How can we help you ensure better care while also saving you money?

Our 25+ years of experience means we know how to effectively delight and serve multiple audiences: employers, health plans, partners, and participants.


We’ll help you manage healthcare costs. And we’ll help your employees feel better and perform better.

Health Plans

We’ll help you improve care management outcomes. And we’ll give your members the guidance and support they need.


Our ability to plug-in and flexibly deliver services will help you build-out your offering—and set you apart.


From knee replacement to anxiety or arthritis, we’ll guide you through any health challenge so you can focus on what matters most—living your best life.