Healthcare as it should be. Unbiased. Compassionate. Coordinated.

When people feel good about their care, they have better outcomes. That’s our focus: better care + better health.

Participant Experience
  • One dedicated, compassionate nurse ally

    For as long as you need, you’ll communicate with the same RN, your “nurse ally.” Our participants describe talking to their nurse ally like talking to their best friend, one who has all the knowledge and expertise you need and who takes care of critical coordination and logistics.

  • 100% private, secure, and trustworthy

    Everything we do and talk about goes through our 100% secure and confidential case management platform. And we have a dedicated research team who stays abreast of all the latest research to make sure you can take advantage of the best medicine has to offer.

  • A focus on quality

    Not all doctors have the same levels of expertise and experience or make use of the latest research. And that’s why we have our own tool to rank and rate doctors based on their experience, patient satisfaction, and quality outcomes. We want you to find the best care out there so you can get better faster.

We put you at the center.

Your dedicated nurse ally is your go-to expert. But you benefit from many other expert brains too.

New Diagnosis

Meet your dedicated Nurse Ally who partners with you and your family on your health concerns

Record Collection

Our Case Coordinator Ally is an expert in gathering your most relevant records and expediting case preparation

Physician matching

Get matched with expert physician(s) for your unique case


Interact with the expert physician at your comfort level (live and asynchronous video, or secure written reports)

Moving Forward

Your Nurse Ally coordinates continuity of care, including finding the best in-network local specialist

Our relentless focus on quality care makes people happier and healthier.


participant satisfaction

We help people experience holistic, compassionate care. People love having someone to turn to with a billing or insurance question, a treatment concern, or the coordination of a second opinion. We’re proud of the fact that nearly everyone who uses our services finds them valuable.


of unnecessary surgeries & procedures PREVENTED

It’s not our job to talk anyone out of surgery. But it is our job to help people understand that the medical evidence shows that many surgeries are unnecessary, and that other good options exist.


better outcomes

What happens when you better understand what’s happening and what your choices are? And you’re confident you’re in the hands of the best doctors? And you feel supported all along the way? You feel empowered—and you get better faster.



We have something called a “golden ticket” that we’ll give you, as a participant, to gift to a loved one you think could benefit from our expert opinions, clinical guidance or education. A “golden ticket” gives them access to our services at no charge.