Integration is always a worry

But we have proven, detailed processes to take the worry off you and get our services up and running quickly. Our client survey rating for “length of time to implement”? 4.6 out of 5.

Our Process

We’ll provide a clear timeline and a comprehensive workbook that outlines every step of the integration.

Operational Capacity Diagram

What Clients Say

We’re always looking for ways to get better, but we’re also proud of our implementation survey results.


Meeting expectations

We like to meet expectations. Our decades of experience with vendor integration and securing files or contracting for data sharing means you don’t have to worry.


Clear plan + clear milestones

We know you have many things to juggle and that’s why we outline a clear implementation plan with designated milestones we work hard to hit.


Likely to refer

We love getting referrals and the fact that our clients are happy enough to recommend our services.

Cover of Consumer Medical Client Project Workbook

One Critical Workbook

Every piece of implementation gets captured in a single workbook, including:

  • Your program components & design
  • Contact names & numbers for all members of our team and yours
  • Partner integration training
  • Member eligibility and demographics
  • Preparation of claims files
  • Schedule of onsite visits
  • Our reporting system
  • Communication, outreach, training, & education recommendations
  • Points, rewards, or gift card programs

A Team of Cross-Functional Experts

Our implementation team includes representatives from Sales, Account Management, Vendor Integration, Communications, Data/IT, plus an Executive Sponsor. We make sure we provide all the expertise and communication you need to get the job done, without hold-ups or hassles.

This was, by far, the best roll-out of a program in my career.