Quality care is better care—in terms of outcomes, cost, and satisfaction.

We have a singular focus on finding the best care for anyone facing any health care challenge.

Participant Experience
  • The Right Diagnosis

    A solid plan of care starts with a proper diagnosis. But 1 in 5 patients with serious conditions are misdiagnosed. Our expert opinions are key to making sure people are receiving the right treatment for the right condition.

  • The Best Treatment + The Best Provider

    We stay abreast of the latest evidence-based research and guidelines so we can objectively walk you through all your treatment options and how they stack up against one another. We also have access to 98% of the top doctors in the U.S., so you can be sure you’re in the best possible hands.

  • Improved Performance Measures

    When employees are less stressed about medical decisions, finding good doctors, and insurance and billing concerns, they can spend more time performing well at work.

We know how frustrating navigating the healthcare system can be.

And we have lots of experience stitching the pieces together so people feel better—in mind and body.

Surgery is expensive, and potentially avoidable.

Use the tool below to help forecast the number of surgical procedures your covered employees and dependents might need per year.

How many employees and dependents are covered by your health plan?


Hip Replacement Surgeries


Knee Replacement Surgeries


Back Surgeries




Bariatric Surgeries





savings with our surgery decision support program.

Unlock your projections

We’ll help you refine your projections, estimate the corresponding cost, and evaluate the return of our Surgery Decision Support program.

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*Estimates are developed using national benchmarks, which are based on median employer surgery rates per employee per year

Higher cost does not always translate to higher value.

We save everyone money—and help people get better care.

Direct Savings

We guarantee a 1:1 ROI. But many of our partners exceed a 4:1 ROI, a number we’ve had validated by a third party. Our decision support service alone results in an impressive $26,125 per-case savings by avoiding the most costly surgeries.

Indirect Savings

We’ll save you money. But we’ll also save participants money. Through our claims advocacy services, we save people an average of $4,000 on cases that have cost-savings opportunities.

Attract & Retain Talent

Generous benefits are essential for attracting and retaining talent. They play a major role in whether employees choose to accept a job. Our unique, highly-valued services can help you attract top talent and prevent costly employee turnover.

Measurable Value

We help people experience holistic, compassionate care. People love having someone to turn to with a billing or insurance question, a treatment concern, or the coordination of a second opinion. We’re proud of our 98% satisfaction rate.

Value-Based Care

Our focus on cost, experience, and quality aligns perfectly with the systemic shift toward value. Research shows that cost does not always reflect quality. Avoiding unnecessary procedures and costs plays a big role in creating a better, less fragmented, more holistic healthcare system for everyone.

Participant Experience

We have the technology to connect people to the best doctors in the field they need. But we also do the things that take more time and more wide-ranging expertise —listen, understand preferences and barriers, educate, and empower people to be a partner in their care by increasing their confidence.


Our average number of interactions is 12. With cancer patients, we spend an average of 4 hours providing needed support. A recent behavioral health pilot led to 5 times increased engagement. It’s clear that once people know about us and reach out, they don’t need any more nudging.


Most of our partners exceed a 4:1 ROI. And, if you’re interested in helping people do what’s in their best interest, a requirement to use shared decision support can yield an impressive ROI of 7:1 while increasing satisfaction from 94% to 96%.