Experience + Technology

We know what’s possible in what time frame—and we can anticipate all your questions and concerns. Why? Because we’ve done it for more than 250 clients.

Technology is key to expanding our reach. So we make the best use of it possible.

We use hard data collected from our own proprietary tools to connect people to the best care possible. We have our own case management system to keep everything safe and secure. And we offer multiple ways to connect participants to our team of experts. We have a proprietary tool that uses AI and machine learning to analyze data from billions of claims to objectively and rigorously rate and rank doctors based on experience, quality, and outcomes. We also have a predictive modeling tool that drives targeted outreach for people who need it.

Multi-Modal Access

We connect experts and participants in multiple ways—through virtual calls, doctor-recorded videos, or written reports. We know people are busy so we let them communicate with their dedicated nurse ally in the way that works best for them—via our app, our web portal, phone, or chat.

Case Management System

We have our own HITRUST CSF certified case management system. And everything we do—from billing to referrals to enrollment and reporting—is subject to the highest standards of safeguarding required from our HITRUST certification.

Longitudinal Support

We know that participants’ needs and preferences may change over time. Our services are as flexible as our communication methods. And because our record keeping is detailed, safe, and secure, we can scale our support up or down at any point.

Our Technology Awards

2021 TeleHealth Innovation Award: MedTech Breakthrough

Recognizing our 360-degree multidisciplinary, longitudinal collaboration, multi-stakeholder access points for interpreters and translators, and video options that include asynchronous, personalized video messaging.

2020 UCSF Digital Health Award, Category Leader

Recognizing our two dedicated websites—one for clients and one for the general public, serving more than 150K users, and our evidence-based modules, webinars, and videos (covering symptom recognition, return to work, coping, behavioral health, and pregnancy).

Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR)

We regularly participate in EHIR innovation cohorts that bring together the most progressive companies to collaborate around increasing the health and productivity of their employees.

HiTrust CSF Certified

The HITRUST CSF is a widely-adopted global security and privacy framework that provides information protection, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

We make integration as low-lift as possible.

We want to make sure integration doesn’t interfere with our impact. So we do everything we can to make it easy. We have a great track record of on-time delivery. And we consistently ask our clients how we can do it better.

Operational Capacity Diagram


Meeting expectations

We like to meet expectations. It starts with a refined, detailed process that makes sure nothing gets missed. Our decades of experience with vendor integration and securing files or contracting for data sharing means you don’t have to worry.


Clear plan + clear milestones

We know you have many things to juggle and that’s why we outline a clear implementation plan with designated milestones we work hard to hit.


Likely to refer

We love getting referrals and the fact that our clients are happy enough to recommend our services.