We’ve been around for a while.

We’ve had over 25 years to strategically develop the services and technology to make us the most trusted, comprehensive, independent vendor on the market.

There are a lot of solution providers out there.

But none as high-touch and high-tech as we are.

  • 25+ years of experience

    We’re not looking for quick fixes or simple solutions. We know healthcare is more complicated than that. And that’s why our holistic, longitudinal services have been so successful for so long.

  • HITRUST certification

    We know that security, privacy, and data integration are essential to earning your trust and making our services as “low-lift” as possible. We have our own HITRUST-certified case management system. It doesn’t get more secure than that.

  • Innovation

    We developed our own tool, called SmartSelect | MD™ because we knew that reviews and Internet searches weren’t the best way to find top doctors. SmartSelect | MD™ uses a big-data algorithm to generate names of doctors for any condition based on experience, quality, and outcomes. It can even adjust based on risk factors for comorbidities.

People choose to work with us—and stay with us—because we save them money and help people get better care.

We’re also very flexible and creative when it comes to meeting your specific needs. We’ll tailor programs for specific populations, pilot new ones, and work with you to create effective marketing, education, and communications strategies.

Here’s what a successful partnership can look like.

Case Study

Honeywell’s Surgery Decision Support Requirement

Honeywell’s move from an incentive to a surgery decision support requirement increased ROI from 2.6: 1 to 7.6: 1. It also increased satisfaction from 94% to 96%.

Case Study

Cerner invests in Healthcare Education and Decision Support and Saves $9.4 Million

Cerner saved millions of dollars and had a 315% increase in engagement after implementing a shared-decision support requirement.

Case Study

Sanofi US Investment Empowers Employees to Select High-Quality Healthcare

By offering an incentive to participate in surgery decision support for employees considering one of the big 5 surgeries (knee or hip replacement, lower back, weight loss surgery, or hysterectomy),…