Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that embracing diversity cultivates a culture that values differences at work. It also promotes conversations around the impact of injustices and systemic racism, and helps ensure an inclusive work environment.

We want our reach to be as broad as possible.

And we know that diversity of race, gender identity, age, culture, and sexual orientation within our organization is critical to best serving our clients—and addressing health disparities.

We know we can’t stand on the sidelines.

And that’s why we have a Diversity & Inclusion committee.

  • Feeling Safe

    The highest performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety, the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake. We take creating “safe spaces” seriously. So we host events like “The Effects of COVID-19 on Women.”

  • Reflecting on History

    We recognize diverse heroes and their achievements in healthcare in our Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter.

  • The Power of Words

    The words we use affect how our messages are received and our ability to communicate compassionately and respectfully. We know how important it is to take responsibility for sharing best practices around culturally-sensitive communication.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee Objectives



Create education, training, and awareness opportunities for ConsumerMedical Allies.



Build an employee-accessible destination for all D&I resources.



Support Human Resources initiatives, including recruiting and retention of a diverse talent pool.



Sponsor and partner with organizations who support underserved populations.