Results Matter – Review these brief videos to learn how ConsumerMedical’s unique program is improving consumerism and quality, and lowering costs for leading employers and their employees while creating one of their most valuable medical benefits.

Everyone deserves the best healthcare. The challenge is knowing how to find it.

When important medical decisions need to be made, individuals are often overwhelmed by the complexity of our current healthcare system and all of the information available about their condition.

ConsumerMedical helps you get the best out of the healthcare system by answering the 5 most important questions in healthcare:

  • What do I have? – Help confirming the diagnosis you’ve been given is correct.
  • What do I need? – Help understanding your treatment options and confirming that the one being recommended is the best one.
  • Where do I go? – Help getting to the leading doctors and hospitals for your care.
  • What does it cost? – Help learning how to shop for your care so you get the best quality and price, and save money.
  • How do I connect? – Help building a strong support network with your family, friends, and other patients through local and online communities.©

ConsumerMedical is committed to delivering the expert guidance needed to get the care that’s right for every person. We’ll provide support throughout the entire medical journey.